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Residential Services: Frac and Septic Tank Cleaning

"Our restaurant requires routine maintenance and Longhorn Transport keeps us on  a schedule and provides the documentation needed without hassle".

Jim Higgins

​"Longhorn Septic is a company I can depend on when it matters most! I called on the 4th of July with a system backing up and they were there in an hour".​

Sarah Becker

"​I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge the technicians have!  They took the time to answer all of my questions and inspect my system before leaving".

​Sandy Brown

"​Best prices guaranteed! I was told by another company my system needed to be replaced costing thousands of dollars! However, a quick call to Longhorn and my system was working perfectly for a fraction of the price the others wanted to charge me!

​Richard Suratt

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Longhorn Septic Service, L.L.C is the #1 provider for residential services! We own the disposal site in the East Texas Area which means we do NOT include hidden fees with services provided. That means NO energy fees, Environmental Fees, or Disposal fees. It is a flat rate based on the services needed.

Regular, timely cleaning of your tanks is the best way to prolong the life of your septic system. Taking care of your system on a routine basis is like "insurance" since the cost is likely to be fraction of the cost of replacing a neglected system. It is recommended to have your septic tanks cleaned/inspected every 2-4 years depending on the amount of water use or number of people living in the house. As part of our routine and with each service our technicians will inspect your system to ensure it is functioning properly. If their are any signs of field line blockage or issues causing the system to function poorly the technician is equipped to fix the problem on the spot! Each of our tucks has a hydro Jett System which is used to clean field lines. In many cases build up or roots may be preventing the your system from draining and must be removed in order to ensure the water used in your home is able to drain out.   In the diagram below you will see how the waste sludge accumulates on the bottom of the tank and the scum layer floats at the top. Septic tanks are designed to trap this waste in the tank but allow the liquid sewage to pass through to the drain field.  If the tank is not pumped often enough, the scum and sludge layers will thicken to the point where they reach the outflow pipe.  Then with every flush of the toilet, solids start to be pushed out of the tank with the effluent and into the drain field. This causes the drain field to plug up and fail.

Residential Septic and Grease trap services

When it comes to septic and frac tank cleaning and maintenance

Longhorn Septic and Transport

is the number one in the business! Our technicians are responsive and available 24/7 and  provide cost-efficient and effective services that you need!

For frac tank janitorial services and frac tank cleaning disposal, choose the experts with the equipment and expertise to get the job done properly each and every time.​